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Young scientist award winner on a quest to end world hunger

Devrim Coskun recently received the Marschner Young Scientist Award.

More than half the world's population turns to rice for food. Of the two billion new people expected by 2050, about 70 percent will eat rice.

University of Toronto Scarborough PhD student Devrim Coskun hopes his research will translate into tangible results to help feed the 70 percent.  Working in Professor Herbert Kronzucker’s lab, Coskun looks at how the world’s most important crop species acquire vital nutrients in order to develop rice plants that are more productive.

Coskun is one of three PhD students around the world recognized this year with the Marschner Young Scientist Award, given by the International Plant Nutrition Colloquium. Named for the man who was the world’s leading authority on plant nutrition, the award recognizes those with the potential to become future research leaders. Coskun is also a two-time recipient of NSERC’s highly competitive Alexander Graham Bell Fellowship.

“I’m excited that one day my research may translate into tangible results that can improve global agriculture,” Coskun says. 

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