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Recent grad already a community leader

UTSC grad Katherine Chong. (Photo by Ken Jones)

When a U of T Facebook post asked students to nominate graduates with outstanding achievements, the responses came in thick and fast – Katherine Chong.

“Meet her during your undergrad and she’ll probably change your life. True testimonial,” one comment read.

Chong, who graduated in Business Administration, Strategic Management at UTSC this June, is currently the force behind the marketing strategies at NoteSolution Inc. This online note sharing platform originally started at the University of Toronto two years ago but has since gained national momentum with its services offered to about 120,000 students from 25 universities across the country.

Providing such services to her colleagues has always been a driving force for Katherine. This year she was the recipient of the Management Co-op Student of the Year award in recognition of her outstanding performance as a co-op student and unwavering commitment towards the betterment of the Management Co-op program. She also received the UTSC Letter award for student leadership and improving the community at UTSC with contributions to student life and development.

“I just do these things naturally at school,” she says of her hardworking zeal in helping other students at campus. “I received so much from this community through my education, so I feel like it is an obligation for me to give back to the community.”

And her message to fellow students is to always keep their mind open. Katherine’s philosophy is that life is much more than just how much one earns or their GPA.

“It’s about how happy you are and how well you do the things you’re doing,” she says. “I see life as a playground where I can do things. I am quite happy with where I am in life and how the prospects look.”

With her next project, The Connext Group, Chong hopes to create a mutual learning environment of marketing skills and strategies, communication, leadership and entrepreneurship by forging partnerships between students and companies in the community.

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