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Invited Talk: Entrepreneurship: Tech-based Startups

Location: SW403 (Old Council Chambers)

All are welcome to attend a special talk by Dr. Cynthia Goh regarding entrepreneurship and technology transfer. 

Food and beverages provided by the Graduate Students Association at Scarborough (GSAS)

About the Speaker:

Professor Goh is a member of the Department of Chemistry, and the Institute of Medical Science, and is the Director of the Institute of Optical Sciences (IOS), University of Toronto St. George. Professor Goh has led many student co-founded companies to success, transferring technology to products. Successful ventures include award winning companies Axela Inc. and Vive Crop Protection.

Professor Goh also runs the Techno program which serves as a platform to train graduate students and guide them towards the commercialization of their innovations. The Techno program involves graduate students in product development, intellectual property management, corporate governance and networking, as well as teaching participants to increase work efficiency by prioritizing tasks and give convincing presentations which is essential and applicable in any field.


Meetings in groups with Dr. Goh are encouraged after the talk at 2 p.m. Please contact Wayne Cheng at: to arrange a meeting.


We look forward to seeing you at this special talk!


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