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Doors Open Toronto features UTSC’s century-old Miller Lash Estate

Strolling up the brick path to the hand-forged, wrought-iron and stone staircase of Miller Lash House, visitors enter the 100-year history of a private retreat turned proud public asset, and one of Canada’s finest and few surviving intact examples of Arts and Crafts design.

Now a unique conference and event facility owned by the University of Toronto Scarborough, the Miller Lash estate, nestled in the Highland Creek Valley off Old Kingston Road, is a must-see during the 14th annual Doors Open Toronto taking place this weekend. The largest program of its kind in Canada, Doors Open Toronto has hosted more than two million residents and visitors, offering a chance to see inside 150 culturally, historically, socially and architecturally significant buildings across the city.

More information is available here.

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