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Science Rendezvous: UTSC and the Toronto Zoo

Where:  Toronto Zoo, Meadowvale Road, north of Highway 401 (Exit 389)

Your passport to science adventure is at the Toronto Zoo! Experience science like never before with exciting activities and displays for people of all ages and interests to discover the marvels of science right in our own backyard! Activities at the Zoo will bring to life the science that is found in nature, with emphasis on bird conservation to tie in with the Zoo’s International Migratory Bird Day. Participate in hands on science activities, guided birding tours, and visit the many displays from a variety of birding organizations.  Bring your entire family to see science in action presented by the fabulous researchers from the University of Toronto Scarborough (UTSC) and the Toronto Zoo in partnership with Let’s Talk Science.

Be a Migratory Bird and travel to all of our activity stations. Check out our Hot Talks. Your migratory experience starts at our Welcome station. Pick up your passport – visit all eight activity stations – and collect your passport stamp at each station!

1. Flap Your Wings and Point Your Beak! – Find out why are birds able to fly, while humans cannot and how birds use their beaks.

Hot Talks: Hummingbirds - Living Life on the Edge (Talks begin every 15 minutes between 10 and 11am) - Chris Chen, Department of Biological Sciences

2. What’s in a Tail? – Learn about the many different ways animals use their tails.

3. Waterwise –  Is your water clean? 

Hot Talks: Zzzzt! The Shocking Tale of Electric Fish (Talks begin every 15 minutes between 11am and noon) - Professor Nathan Lovejoy, Department of Biological Sciences

4. Be a Healthy Gorilla and Panda – Help us pick a healthy and wholesome lunches for the gorillas and giant pandas.

5. Good Fish, Bad Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish – Cast a line and see who can catch the most fish.

6. The Bug Show – Close encounters of the insect kind.

Hot Talks: What's the Buzz? Listening in on Creepy-Crawlies (Talks begin every 15 minutes between 1 and 2pm) - Professor Maydianne Andrade, Department of Biological Sciences

7. Polar Bear Express – Learn about the impact of climate change on Polar bears.

Hot Talks: Polar Bears in a Changing Climate (Talks begin every 15 minutes between 2 and 3pm) - Professor William Gough, Department of Physical & Environmental Sciences

8. Whose Poo? What do you know about animal ‘poo’?

Come to the Zoo for Science Rendezvous!

Science Rendezvous activities included with regular Zoo admission.

What is Science Rendezvous?

Science Rendezvous is a science festival, experiencing its 6th consecutive event across the GTA on May 11, 2013. Science Rendezvous aims to highlight and promote science in all its aspects, with the ultimate goal of improving student enrollment and public investment in science and technology in the future.

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