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UTSC student leadership recognized at annual Cressy Award ceremony

Fifteen students from UTSC were recognized for outstanding leadership and dedication to the university at the annual Cressy Awards April 29.

The Gordon Cressy Student Leadership Awards were established in 1994 by the University of Toronto Alumni Association (UTAA) and the Division of University Advancement in order to recognize students who have made outstanding extra-curricular contributions to their college, faculty or school, or to the university as a whole.

Named after Gordon Cressy, former vice-president of development and university relations, the award is dedicated to students who are committed to making a difference.

University of Toronto President David Naylor was on hand to present the awards to 187 outstanding students.  

Cressy Award recipients from UTSC:


Rachel Birmingham – International Development Studies

Danny Cao – Mathematics and Biology

Lichi Chen – Management and Marketing

Katie Fewster-Yan – English and Philosophy

Zermeena Iqbal – Integrative Biology and Theatre and Performance Arts

Nisprih Mohan-Ram – Co-op Management

Gwen Mendes – Human Resource Management

Zeba Khavarian – Integrative Biology and Health Studies

Sanat Sethi – Neuroscience and International Development Studies

Merujah Sivalingam – Neuroscience and Psychology

Sere Purusthuttam – Management

Michael Xie – Mental Health Studies and Biology

Angela Tran – New Media and Studio

Priatharsini Sivananthajothy – Cell and Molecular Biology and Health Studies

Shirley Xu – Co-op Management


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