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A record number of more than 150 UTSC students took part in an award-winning interactive employment preparation conference organized by Academic Advising & Career Centre.

The three-day conference aims to equip current students and recent graduates with the skills and confidence to find employment and thrive in the workplace.

The topics covered during the conference include creating a job search and career plans; strategies for an effective job search; personal branding techniques; industry trends; professionalism and communications strategies; building a resume and cover letter; interviewing strategies; negotiating salary and job offers; and networking techniques.

Started in 2010, the conference features interactive employment and career preparation programs including workshops, panel discussions, keynote speakers and networking events where students get to meet and ask questions of employees from different professions.

This year’s conference began with an address by UTSC Principal Franco Vaccarino followed by Doug Brooks, CEO, Certified General Accountants of Ontario, as keynote speaker. 


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