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UTSC in the news

Michael Inzlicht on what’s going through the mind of a hero; Chris Cochrane delves into the evolving Canadian political landscape following Justin Trudeau’s nomination; and Tim Richardson examines the decline of Apple stock by asking his students why the beloved company remains in a funk.


In the mind of a hero

We hear about them in the news – ordinary people risking life and limb to help others in an emergency. Recently, it was a father rescuing his daughter from an oncoming train, a bank customer attempting to foil a robbery. What’s going on in the minds of heroes as they put their lives in jeopardy? UTSC psychology professor Michael Inzlicht recently spoke to Matt Galloway from Metro Morning about what’s going on in the mind of a hero and the answer may surprise you.

Where does Justin fit in?

Justin Trudeau’s first day as Liberal leader was greeted with political attacks from the Conservatives questioning his experience. Trudeau responded by saying he will not go negative in his campaign ads, but is this a sustainable strategy, especially down the road? Also, how are the major parties in Canada positioning themselves at the moment? Will the NDP and Liberals merge? UTSC professor Chris Cochrane joined Canada AM to provide insight on the changing political landscape. 

Apple not such a plum stock lately

Apple stock has reached its lowest point in almost a year and many are predicting it to decline even more. UTSC instructor Tim Richardson asked his university class, who belong to a key customer demographic for Apple , what they feel about the company’s performance lately. Many responded that Apple is not innovating like it used to and is instead pushing out products that are too similar to previous models. Richardson joined CTV News to discuss Apple’s performance and whether this is a sign of things to come.

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