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UTSC welcomes delegation of education professionals from China

Bo Yang, director of human resources for the Jiangxi Provincial Education Department, heads a delegation of 29 education professionals from the People’s Republic of China on April 1.

Twenty-nine education professionals from the People’s Republic of China will spend two weeks  at UTSC, getting to know how post-secondary education works in Ontario, and forging stronger ties between the University of Toronto and China.

The Academic Leadership Institute offers an opportunity for delegates from Jiangxi province to explore the University of Toronto specifically, but also get a better understanding of Ontario’s post-secondary education system in general.

The group of 29 delegates were formally welcomed by UTSC Principal Franco Vaccarino who delivered a presentation on post-secondary education in Ontario and fielded questions about what makes the University of Toronto a world class research and education institution.

“Our goal is to share information and expertise in the hope it may help in their own planning,” says Principal Vaccarino. “So we are delighted to host the delegation as their first stop in Canada.”

This represents the largest delegation to have visited the University of Toronto Scarborough from the People’s Republic of China.  The group will take in 19 lectures from top university faculty and staff on a variety of topics and issues relating to the university’s role in fostering research and education, including sound administration of these activities.

“We’ve already established strong ties through joint research centres and ongoing efforts at student recruitment in China,” notes Rick Halpern, UTSC dean and vice-principal, academic.

“This represents an excellent opportunity to further strengthen our ties with the People’s Republic of China.”

In addition to stops at Seneca College, the delegation will also visit several tourist sites in Quebec and Ontario including the birthplace of noted Canadian doctor Norman Bethune who himself was educated at the University of Toronto.

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