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Intranet courses moving to Blackboard

Starting in Summer 2013, UTSC will no longer be using the Intranet as a Learning Management System (LMS), but instructors will still have access to old course materials archived via the intranet. The change does not affect the operation of Winter 2013 courses using the Intranet this semester; instructors can use the Intranet for winter courses until these courses are over.

Beginning with the 2013-2014 academic year, (which begins with the summer 2013 session), UTSC course shells are no longer available to instructors through the Intranet's LMS, meaning that courses can no longer can be built in the Intranet. Instructors can instead use Blackboard, also known as the Learning Portal.   Instructors are encouraged to move all course materials to Blackboard.

For assistance, please contact Brian Sutherland or Adon Irani at Instructions for moving Intranet course materials to Blackboard can also be found at:

The Blackboard team is also available to provide departmental and individual support, and offers a number of workshops.

A wider adoption of the Learning Portal will help UTSC faculty and students take advantage of new pedagogical tools and online services that are being integrated with this system, improve the student experience, and reduce operating costs.

For additional information please contact

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