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Dean and vice-principal Rick Halpern explored Italy's Five-Star political movement in an editorial in the Toronto Star.

The jester who would be king

A recent social movement has turned political and in the process has turned the Italian political scene on its head.  The Five-Star Movement, led by comic-turned-political leader Beppe Grillo, has built on popular disenchantment with Italian political culture to become a real force in shaping the political landscape. But what does the party really stand for and what do they hope to achieve? Rick Halpern, UTSC dean and vice-principal, explores the party’s burgeoning popularity, its eccentric leadership and what it means for Italian politics in this Toronto Star editorial he co-wrote with Nicola Pizzolato from the University of London.


Bush land, scrub land – UTSC professor explores the “land between”

It’s a narrow stretch of land running between Lake Simcoe and Kingston that could hold some very important secrets about the geological history of Ontario. Referred to as the “land between,” this 30-kilometre-wide tract of land separates the barren rock of the Canadian Shield from the “fatty south” of the St. Lawrence Lowlands. UTSC professor and geologist Nick Eyles talks about the importance of this unique piece of land and why it deserves our attention in this documentary currently airing on TVO.


How Canadians are dealing with record levels of debt

Canadians in greater numbers are turning to debt consolidation as a way to deal with record levels of personal debt. It’s no secret that Canadians borrow too much, but it’s how they are paying off their creditors that have some worried. UTSC professor Sandra Daga explores the troubling myriad of refinancing options Canadians are turning to in this Toronto Sun article.  

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