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Steve Joordens discussed his work on online peer assessment tools with TVO's Steve Paikin.

Making scholars out of our peers

Steve Joordens believes he has a web-based solution to large university class sizes. Joordens developed the software, called peerScholar, with graduate student Dwayne Paré as a way to encourage critical thinking and improve grades. Since then Joordens and his team have developed peer review software for student in Grades 7 to 12 called Cogneeto. He recently sat down with Steve Paikin from TVO to discuss his work.

Uncovering an important evolutionary link

It is a hamster-size creature that no one has ever seen and whose fossil remains have never been uncovered. But a team of researchers, including UTSC’s own Mary Silcox, have declared it to be the first ever placental mammal. The creature’s characteristics were determined through an analysis of 4,500 physical traits found among 86 mammals thought to be descended from the ancestor. The result was the most detailed family tree of all placental mammals with a map of how they have evolved over time. The findings are detailed here in this CBC feature.

 The future is cubicle-free?

Many modern offices are embracing the idea of a cubicle-free work environment. The idea of free-form work spaces is not only being viewed as a more ergonomic and cost-effective alternative, but also as more appealing to a younger workforce. However, as David Zweig cautions in this Globe & Mail feature, many employees still prefer a permanent place in the office that they can call “home.” He adds that without a permanent space employees can experience less of a connection to the organization or to the people they work with.

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