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Carl Mitchell talked to CTV News about the problems of mercury in compact fluorescent light bulbs.


Mercury rising

New government regulations are making compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs mandatory. But are the programs to help properly dispose of the bulbs ready to handle the increase in volume? Professor Carl Mitchell joined CTV News Channel to discuss the amount of mercury contained in an ordinary household CFL bulb, the programs in place to properly dispose of them, and the potential environmental risks of mercury pollution.


Kerry unlikely to halt pipeline

There are growing concerns that the Keystone XL pipeline may hit a series of snags now that Senator John Kerry, an advocate of fighting climate change, is the new Secretary of State. Renan Levine says Kerry is unlikely to halt the controversial pipeline, which will ship oil sands bitumen from Alberta to refineries on the U.S. Gulf coast, because President Obama is a supporter of the pipeline and it’s unlikely he would have chosen Kerry if he didn’t support the President’s position.


Why parents pick the road not taken

The most popular names for babies continue to be overwhelmingly traditional, yet many parents decide to buck the trend when it comes to naming their child. Steve Joordens says the decision to pick a distinct name can be explained by a variety of psychological, cultural and generational reasons. He spoke to the Toronto Star about what may be going through the minds of parents when looking at baby names.


Open Access for a freer, more efficient world

Leslie Chan visited the Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management in Thiruvananthapuram to discuss the importance of Open Access. Chan is a pioneer in the use of the Web for greater knowledge exchange and learning. His area of expertise includes the role that the flow of knowledge and information can play and its impact on local and international development. His research was featured in a recent edition of The Hindu.

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