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World Hijab Day

Hijab: What's that all

The Muslim Student Association invites all females to attend a discussion group
on the hijab for World Hijab today!

Celebrate hijab and its beauty in honor of WORLD HIJAB DAY this Friday at our
very own UTSC campus!

Discover the truth about Islamic hijab though an interactive game. Have
meaningful conversations with those who have encountered hijab in their lives
and others exploring the topic. Hijab is an important part of a Muslim woman's
faith and far too often it is misunderstood. It's the time now to delve deep in
to hijab.

Did we mention the refreshments and *surprise* that awaits you! :)

**** NOTE: This is a female only event, so invite all the special ladies in
your life. You do not need to be Muslim or practice any specific
religion/faith/spirit group. ALL WOMEN ARE WELCOME! ****

Room: SL232

Time:11-1 pm

Date: Friday February the 1st, 2013

RSVP on the facebook page:

Hope to see you there!


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