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ELD 20 Minute Quick Test of Academic Needs

This quick computerized and objective test of your vocabulary and reading will give you an idea of what your needs are. There are only 2 tasks: a 7-minute test of vocabulary and a 10-minute test of comprehension of a text. Dr. Elaine Khoo will try to give you feedback through email within 24-hours. This feedback is for your information only and does not get into any of your official records. The purpose of establishing this quick test and feedback is to help you become aware of the specific areas of your academic language needs and to prioritize your time at the start of the semester to get into ELDC programs that have helped hundreds of students make huge transformations in their ability to perform better in their courses every semester. These programs have limited spaces, and are offered in the early weeks of the semester. You may leave as soon as you are done.

Room AC221

Jan 21 & 22, 10-11am, Jan 23, 3-4pm, Jan 24, 12-1pm

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