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New Frontiers Seminar Series (NFSS)

Location:  AA160, New Council Chamber

Please join us for the next New Frontiers Seminar Series talk which will be given by Professor Malcolm Campbell, UTSC’s Vice-Principal Research and a member of the Department of Biological Sciences and the Department of Cell and Systems Biology. Professor Campbell studies the functional genomics of plant growth and development.  His talk is entitled “Oh behave! Do plants really have "behaviour"?”


Abstract: Undoubtedly all of us have marvelled at the remarkable behaviours that animals use to survive.  From wolves hunting in packs to spiders weaving a web, such behaviours intrigue and captivate us.  

While plants do not have behaviour in the same sense as animals, evolution has honed equally fascinating proxies to animal behaviour in plants.  Plants employ these behaviour proxies to acclimate to changing environmental conditions, capture nutrients from their environment, and contend with predators and pathogens.  Some of these proxies involve changes in metabolism and function at the cellular level, whereas others involve whole scale remodelling of development to contend with daily fluctuations in the environment.  

Drawing on multiple lines of inquiry, with an emphasis on cell biology, functional genomics and systems biology, this seminar will expand on specific examples of plant "behaviour" and how they are regulated.  The seminar will consider the regulation of such processes at the molecular level, focusing on the role of genome activity in the modification of plant responses to nutrient and water availability.


Refreshments will be Provided.

The New Frontier Seminar Series is sponsored by the Office of the Vice-Principal Research and is hosted by the Graduate Students' Association at Scarborough (GSAS). The series showcases cutting edge research from the University of Toronto Scarborough, while highlighting new discoveries from leading researchers in North America.

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