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Online sex ed courses for teens linked to reduced sexually transmitted infections

A team of researchers have found that access to online sex ed courses can improve the sexual behaviours and attitudes of teens. The research team, including UTSC Assistant Professor Marco Gonzalez-Navarro, tracked 138 ninth graders from 69 public schools in 21 Colombian cities who took a semester-long online course. The results show a 10 percent increase in condom use among students who took the course and a reduction in self-reported infections for those students who were sexually active when the course started. Gonzalez-Navarro recently met with Global News to discuss the research.


Professor Maydianne Andrade's web of research is making a difference in her field

UTSC professor Maydianne Andrade was recently profiled as part of the Toronto Star series 50 people of Jamaican descent making a difference.  As a biologist in UTSC’s department of biological sciences, her fascinating research delves into the evolution of spider mating strategies. Her most well-known research focuses on male redback spiders, while she also recently contributed to Spiders of Toronto, a free guide to local spiders published by the City of Toronto earlier this year.


Are outsiders the best judge of employee performance?

When it comes to rating employee performance it may be those from outside an organization who offer the best insight, according to a new study co-authored by UTSC Professor Brian Connelly. His research, which builds on previous studies that show co-workers are better than individual employees when it comes to assessing their performance at work, looks at whether outside observers are even better judges than co-workers. Professor Connelly’s research was covered in this Forbes magazine article, and this Times of India article.

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