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New faces


Stephanie Abba, Library Service Technician, Library.

Kamal Mohamu Hassan, Assistant to the Chair, Dept. of Historical & Cultural Studies.

Sue-Ann Hicks, Assistant to the Chair/Director, Dept. of Political Science.

Claudia Hoffman, Assistant Professor, Department of English.

Christopher Ibell, Constable, Community Police.

Clara SYK Ko, Assistant Exam Coordinator, Accessibility Services.

Tannisha Lambert, Assistant to the Vice Principal, Research.

Brianne C. Langlois, Laboratory and Animal Technician, Animal Facilities.

Sischa Maharaj, Manager, International Student Services, Student Life.

Anthony Morra, Facilities Coordinator, Student Housing & Residence Life.

Gail Naraine, Assistant to the Chair/Director, Dept. of English/Centre of French and Linguistics

Tricia Patel, Coordinator of International Student Services & Programs, Office of Student Affairs & Services.

Darlene Petke, Project Coordinator, Facilities Management.

Elaine Pick, Graduate Programs Coordinator, Dept. of Physical & Environmental Sciences.

Benjamin Pottruff, Program Advisor, Social Sciences.

Shelley Romoff, Director, Communications & Public Affairs.

Chanile Theolyn Vines, Event Coordinator, Miller Lash House.

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