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Focus on the modern workplace

It’s a sign of the times that many of us will talk to our bosses and colleagues more than members of our own family. As a result, cubicle culture is getting a lot of attention, particularly from university researchers. The attempt to “balance work and family life is becoming more challenging for so many reasons,” says UTSC associate professor Julie McCarthy in this Maclean’s article.

Online passwords, online skills and why catching online predators is so hard

UTSC instructor Tim Richardson talks about using a combination of upper case letters, lower case letters and numbers to make an online password more challenging for hackers to crack in this Toronto Star feature. He also spoke about the importance of developing online skills in adapting to the changing ecommerce landscape in this Ottawa Citizen article. Lastly, he also weighed in on why it’s often very difficult for law enforcement to catch online predators in this CBC feature.

Scholars fix gaze on changing racial landscape

UTSC professor Minelle Mahtani recently presented research at four day conference in Chicago on the changing racial landscape of North America.  She says the notion of mixed-race ancestry is an "exploding issue" in the academic and nonprofit worlds in Canada, adding it goes “way beyond people of British and French descent” to include mixing of the races, cultures and religions.

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