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UTSC's Rothman wins book awards

Natalie Rothman won two prestigious book prizes.

UTSC’s Natalie Rothman won two prestigious prizes from the American Historical Association for her book Brokering Empire: Trans-Imperial Subjects Between Venice and Istanbul.

Rothman is associate professor of history in the Department of Historical and Cultural Studies at UTSC. Her book explains how the modern distinction between Europe and the East began to take shape in sixteenth century Venice.

Rothman won both the Adams Book Prize and the Marraro Book Prize for the work. The Adams Prize is awarded for a distinguished book in the field of European history, and is considered one of the most important distinctions that can be bestowed by the profession. The Marraro Prize is given for the best work dealing with Italian history.

“The AHA is the world's largest and most important professional association for historians and these are the single best prizes for books in the field. To win one book prize is significant; two is truly extraordinary,” says Dan Bender, chair of UTSC’s Department of Historical and Cultural Studies.

Rothman discusses her book in an interview here.

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