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New Frontiers Seminar Series (NFSS)

 Location:  AA160, New Council Chamber, Arts & Administration Bldg.

Please join us for the next New Frontiers Seminar Series talk which will be given by Professor Christopher Cochrane from UTSC’s Department of Political Science. Professor Cochrane studies ideological disagreement and its implications for political decision-making and party competition in Canada and elsewhere and will speak about “The Rise of Left/Right and the Transformation of Canadian Politics”

Abstract: The language of “left” and “right” has been used for more than two centuries to characterize the main line of political disagreement in democratic countries. Nowadays, these labels describe opposing positions about wealth redistribution, gay and lesbian rights, government intervention in the economy, war and peace, religion, family values, abortion, environmentalism, and immigration. Left/right disagreement is so widespread that many wonder if it is not inherent to humans as humans—a manifestation of genetically underpinned ideological cleavages that shape in similar ways the lines of political division across issues, across countries, and across time. For most of its history, Canadian politics was as an exception to this broader pattern of left/right disagreement. Canadian political parties did not adopt consistently leftist or rightist positions, and Canadian citizens did not orient themselves politically in left/right terms. Things changed, however, in recent years. My presentation charts the rise of left/right disagreement in Canada and examines its consequences for Canadian politics.

Refreshments Provided. 

The New Frontier Seminar Series is sponsored by the Office of the Vice-Principal Research and is hosted by the Graduate Students' Association at Scarborough (GSAS). The series showcases cutting edge research from the University of Toronto Scarborough, while highlighting new discoveries from leading researchers in North America.

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