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"Reflections on Neanderthal EXTINCTION" presented by Dr. C. Finlayson, Director of the Heritage Division & Gibraltar Museum

The cave backdrop is Gorham's Cave, Gibraltar (S. Finlayson). The skull is a CT reconstruction of the Gibraltar Devil's Tower Neanderthal child done by C. Zollikofer and M. Ponce de Leon, Anthropology Dept of the University of Zurich

The Department of Anthropology, U of T Scarborough (Dept.of Social Sciences) will be hosting Dr. C. Finlayson (Director of the Heritage Division & Gibraltar Museum) a leading expert on Neanderthals. Dr. Finlayson currently holds an adjunct position in our Department here at Scarborough.

"Why did the Neanderthals go extinct? Reflections on humanity in the late Pleistocene"

Monday, March 5th, 5:00 - 7:00 pm

Location: ***NEW LOCATION*** AA160 Arts & Administration Council Chambers


In this lecture, Dr. Finlayson will be reviewing the evidence for the period 50-20 thousand years ago (ka) and will assess to what extent the picture of rapid replacement of Neanderthals by Moderns is any longer tenable. Further, he will question the Neanderthal-Modern dichotomy and develop the idea of a mosaic of populations across Eurasia at this time. The talk will deal with such questions as interbreeding, competition, acculturation as well as debunking some myths, e.g. Neanderthals were NOT cold adapted.

Dr. Finlayson‘s  recent publications include: 2007 - Rapid ecological turnover and its impact on Neanderthal and other human populations; Trends in Ecology and Evolution, in press; 2006 - Late survival of Neanderthals at the southernmost extreme of Europe. Nature 443: 850-853; 2005 Biogeography and evolution of the genus Homo. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 20: 457-463.

For further information re: Dr. Finlayson's visit, contact: Dr. L. Sawchuk, or 416-287-7347

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