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UTSC faculty in the news

UTSC professor Lucan Way was interviewed by CTV National News for his thoughts on the election of Mohammed Morsi in Egypt. Photo by Ken Jones.

Morsi’s real struggle begins

Mohammed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood winning the recent election runoff marks the first time in Egypt’s history that a civilian was democratically elected as president. It also marks a symbolic victory in the Muslim Brotherhood's fight for power against the country's military-led government. But as UTSC professor Lucan Way points out in his interview with CTV News, Morsi’s real struggle is just beginning as one of his first hurdles will be to wrestle power away from the military.


How to bring Canada’s sky-high air fares back to earth

Anyone who has bordered a flight in Canada recently knows how expensive it can be. In fact, high prices are driving many Canadian passengers – perhaps as many as five million a year – to seek cheaper flights in the U.S. Why are flights so expensive in Canada and what can be done about it? UTSC professor Ambarish Chandra delves into the issue in this Toronto Star column on the Canadian airline industry.


To Stay on Schedule, Take a Break

UTSC professor John Trougakos discusses the importance of his research on taking breaks from work for a New York Times feature. Professor Trougakos looks at the importance of taking regular breaks when doing mental tasks and how it can improve employee productivity.  His research was also highlighted in Forbes.


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