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UTSC honours distinguished service

UTSC Principal Franco Vaccarino presents Liz Annis with the Patrick Phillips Staff award for outstanding service and commitment by a staff member. Photo by Ken Jones.

The UTSC community came together June 26 to honour and celebrate the distinguished service of staff and faculty.

In addition to awards, it was beautiful day for those in attendance who were treated to lunch and refreshments on the scenic grounds of the Miller Lash House. For more photos of the event, click here.

Principal’s Awards were presented by UTSC Principal Franco Vaccarino to various individuals within the campus community in recognition of excellence in teaching, research and staff service.

Liz Annis, Career Development Coordinator with Academic Advising and Career Centre, was awarded the Patrick Phillips Staff award for outstanding service and commitment by a staff member.  Annis was praised for her superior work ethic, professionalism and outstanding organizational skills in helping elevate numerous AA & CC programs at UTSC while providing valuable resources and support to colleagues in other departments.

Sarah Johnson from the Department of Psychology and Lianne Tripp from the Department of Anthropology received the Graduate Teaching Assistant awards. Johnson was lauded for her ability to get students excited about science and research based on her own knowledge and curiosity. Tripp was praised for her high level of dedication and motivation as a teaching assistant and her commitment to teaching and enhancing the student learning experience.

Professor Janelle LeBoutillier from the Department of Psychology received the Faculty Teaching award. She was praised by colleagues for providing an excellent learning experience, her commitment and contributions to pedagogical development and innovation as well as providing mentorship to students.

John N. Westgate (Department of Physical and Environmental Science), Chris Chen (Department of Biological Science) and Dean Koucoulas (Department of Biological Science) all received Graduate Student Research awards. Westgate was noted for his research on the cold-trapping of organic compounds at high altitudes and latitudes. Chen was praised for his work on both the genetics of egg laying in fruit flies and the way hummingbirds contend with a high carbohydrate diet. Meanwhile, Koucoulas was singled out for his work on investigating how an organism tracks the source of sound by studying a tiny parasitic fly that preys on crickets.

Professor Herbert Kronzucker from the Department of Biological Sciences received the Principal’s Research award for his world-class research achievement and establishment of the Canadian Centre for World Hunger Research. In addition to more than 80 career publications, 2,300 citations and $5.5 million in research grant funding, he was also praised as an effective communicator of research to his students and as true “campus builder” for his vocal support of UTSC.  

In addition to individual awards, those with 25 years of service at UTSC were also recognized, including Ragnar-Olaf Buchweitz, Alan Rosselet, Tracy Vandermeer and Judith Ann Teichman.

The list of retirees who were honoured includes; Charles Dyer, Douglas Bors, Ted Relph, Patricia Woodcock, Miels Fortner, Mike Richard, Melba Cuddy-Keane, Roberk Binnick, Francoise Mugnier-Manfredi, Lynda Lange, Joanne Hunter, Gaetana Larocca, Peter Smith, Rosita Epelbaum and Michael Szamosi.

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