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Fields to Forests: iExplore course for First-Year Undergrads

Students applications for the Fields to Forests iExplore course are due July 1!

Over the course of five days at the University's field station, the Koffler Scientific Reserve at Jokers Hill, participants will collect data on plant diversity in several different types of forest. Data will be archived, analyzed, and compared to discuss the ecological and conservation implications of species distributions and demographic patterns. The majority of each day will be spent hiking and working outdoors in different forest ecosystems around the Reserve. Participants will learn to identify local plants and trees, take basic measurements in plant abundance, and record other ecological data, such as soil type, canopy cover, forest age, etc. Data collection will be cancelled only in the event of severe, dangerous weather. After collecting data in the field, data will be compiled and discussed at KSR’s laboratory classroom. The result will be a thorough record of forest plot data that may be used as the basis for long-term forest monitoring at KSR.

This small-group experiential learning experience has enrolment restricted to 20
undergraduates. Undergraduates from any discipline at UTSC who are completing their
first year of study are invited to apply. Students should be interested in science, ecology,
and the environment. You need not yet have chosen a program to enrol in this course.
Students should have a minimum 2.0 cGPA. Students must have successfully completed a
minimum of 3 credits (FCE’s) by the conclusion of the Winter 2012 term. Students who
have completed more than 6 FCE’s are not eligible to apply. The course fee is $100.00. This fee covers all transportation, housing and meals. Accommodation will be provided at houses at KSR. Although rooms in each house will be single-gender, houses and washrooms may be shared. Students participating in Fields to Forests are expected to stay onsite and may not commute.

The application can be downloaded here.

To Apply to Participate in Fields to Forests:
1) Submit the application, including a resume, showing work/volunteer experience and current UTSC transcript (need not be an official transcript).
2) Attach a paragraph (~300 words) giving 3 reasons why you want to participate in Fields to
3) Submit your resume, paragraph and the attached form to Gloria Luza, Rm. S420-B by July 1, 2012

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