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Momentum Continues for Tsunami Relief

Gwen’s bank account is $10,000 lighter – and she could not be happier. Through an anonymous gift, the first-year mature student pledged to match funds raised at UTSC for victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Asia – dollar for dollar, up to $10,000. “The challenge was intended to motivate others to give selflessly,�? she says.In early January, UTSC rose to the challenge, raising $10,000 – which was matched by the federal government. “The students truly did blow me away,�? Gwen recalls. She had initially set aside her savings for school but now will work during the summer. “I could not believe it, the effort they put in. Some were shaking money out of their purses.�? By the end of January, UTSC students raised $25,000 for the Red Cross through events including a ribbon campaign, food sales and movie nights. Moving forward, the Scarborough student affairs office is working with students to plan long-term strategies to continue fundraising efforts. A university-wide tsunami relief committee made up of students, staff and faculty was also established in January to look at long-term strategies to help rebuild the devastated regions.

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