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John Trougakos, assistant professor of management, talked about the importance of lunch breaks. (Photo by Ken Jones)

Why workers are taking fewer lunch breaks

More and more workers are foregoing a traditional lunch break and opting instead to eat at their desk in an attempt to get more work done. But is that practice more productive? UTSC Assistant Professor John Trougakos discusses the effect of vacation and breaks on the modern workplace and why many employees are taking less time off.

The enduring popularity of Vincent van Gogh

Dr. Modris Eksteins may be officially retired from academia, but his insights on cultural history remain very much in demand. In addition to a Wall Street Journal review of his recently released book, Solar Dance, the UTSC professor emeritus wrote about his favourite place to read in a Globe and Mail column. If that wasn’t enough, Eksteins also found time to write an Ottawa Citizen feature detailing how the rise in van Gogh’s popularity following his death had little to do with luck and everything to do with the revolutionary nature of the last century.

Harry Krashinsky on the value of apprenticeships

A new study co-authored by UTSC Associate Professor Harry Krashinsky finds that a good way to boost earnings without the expense of a traditional post-secondary education is to do an apprenticeship.  According to the study, reported in the Globe and Mail, male apprentices earn 24 percent more than those with just a high-school diploma, 15 percent more than those with other trades, and 2 percent more than college graduates.

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