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Roll Up the Rim winner drives home in new Camry

Deborah Hahn behind the wheel of her new Toyota Camry. (Photo by Ken Jones)

Deborah Hahn got a ride to work at UTSC Friday last week. But she drove home in a brand new Toyota Camry courtesy of Tim Hortons’ Roll Up the Rim to Win contest.

“It’s like driving on air!” she said, when she got behind the wheel of the new electric hybrid. The car was delivered to her on campus, at the courtyard between the Science Wing and the Bladen Wing, as close as possible to the Tim Hortons where she purchased the winning cup.

Hahn bought the lucky coffee in March, only a few weeks into her new job as assistant director of retail and conference services. She almost didn’t buy the coffee at all, since the line was long when she walked by. But she stayed out of professional curiosity about the service (excellent, she says). Then she almost threw the cup away, but decided to just have a look. When she rolled up the rim she saw the word “Camry” printed there.

The award comes none too soon – Hahn was commuting to work in a 16-year-old Jeep Cherokee that was on its last legs, she says.

The car was presented to her by Indy Karu, Aramark executive chef, and Tiffany Wang, Aramark marketing manager. Aramark is UTSC’s primary food services provider, and runs the Tim Hortons where Hahn bought the winning cup.

Also on hand was Randy Redeick of Brimell Toyota, who handled delivery of the car, and a crowd of well-wishers.

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