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Let's Talk Science goes to the zoo


Zoo goers will get more than a glimpse of the lions when they go to Toronto Zoo this month -- they'll also learn about science from UTSC students and faculty.

UTSC and its Let's Talk Science program will send students and faculty to the zoo on May 12 to present talks and demonstrations that use the zoo animals to illustrate scientific concepts, says Sherri Thiele, UTSC's Let's Talk Science coordinator.

The zoo program is part of a nationwide science festival run by a grass-roots organization called Science Rendezvous.

A demonstration called “Flap Your Wings,” will show how a bird’s hollow wings help make it light enough to fly. Ken Welch, UTSC professor of biology, will give a related talk. "What's In a Tail?" will demonstrate the different functions tails can serve, and will be accompanied by a talk by Joyce Parga, assistant professor of anthropology.

"Good fish, bad fish, red fish, blue fish" will teach participants about problems related to overfishing. In "Black-Footed Ferret Academy," zoo-goers will learn how ecological change puts pressure on species, through a game in which they have to collect tokens representing things like food and shelter. Malcolm Campbell, vice-principal (research) at UTSC, will give a related talk..

Finally "Polar Bear Express" will show the effect of global warming on polar bears, and will be accompanied by a talk by Bill Gough, chair of the Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences.

More information is available here.

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