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UTSC digital redesign enters new phase

UTSC is rebuilding its digital presence.

The redesign of UTSC’s digital environment has entered an exciting new phase. Over the coming months, UTSC will be developing a new look and feel to our web presence, paying close attention to redesigning the underlying architecture of the campus’s much-anticipated new online experience.

This is the next stage in a web redesign process that began in June, 2011, when a ‘digital visioning’ workshop brought stakeholders together from across UTSC campus for a day-long symposium in the Miller Lash House. The same spirit of engagement that inspired that workshop will continue to be fostered through the UTSC web steering committee, which consists of members from divisions and departments across campus. Additionally, members of the redesign team are already meeting with numerous faculty, students and staff to determine the unique needs of these stakeholder groups.

“The ultimate goal of this process is to create a digital experience that enhances UTSC’s role as an intellectual and cultural hub,” says Principal Franco Vaccarino. “We want to engage with prospective students, alumni and funding partners in a dynamic, contemporary way, and enable our current community of students, faculty and staff to deepen their experience of all that UTSC has to offer.”

By early summer, our team will deliver the new design and architecture recommendations. From there, the IITS department will begin implementation, and the first phase of UTSC’s new digital experience will be launched in September, 2012. The first phase will incorporate the new look and feel into many of the most highly trafficked external-facing web pages. Migration of all remaining web content will follow in consecutive stages, and should be complete in the next 12 to 24 months.

“We are very excited to begin turning what we’re hearing from the campus community into tangible results,” says Principal Vaccarino. “UTSC requires a digital environment that reflects the modern, forward-thinking and engaged community of students, educators and researchers who call this campus home. This is a long, involved process, and a very important one.”

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