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She rolls up the rim, she wins!

Deborah Hahn is a winner. (Photo by Ken Jones)

Deborah Hahn, the new assistant director of retail and conference services, got a pleasant surprise at Tim Horton's last month - a brand new Toyota Camry.

“I was actually going to throw the cup away, but then I thought it would be foolish not to look,” Hahn says.

Hahn, who started the job only a few weeks ago, had never been to the Bladen building Tim Hortons before, and happened by at a time when there was an especially long line. But she decided to stay in part out of professional curiosity about the service (which was excellent, she says).

When she rolled up the rim back at her office, at first she wasn’t sure she had really won – the word “Camry” was set in plain black type, with none of the emphasis you might expect for a winner. Nevertheless, Hahn has been in touch with the company and the winning cup is genuine.

She has filled out the paperwork, and expects to be declared an official winner within a few weeks. Normally winners receive their new cars in the parking lot of the Tim Hortons where they won. In the case of the Bladen Tim Hortons, the company will find a spot as close as possible.

For Hahn, who faces a 45-minute commute to work every day, the prize is welcome.

“My car’s on its last legs,” she says.

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