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Athletics awards honor students, alumni, staff and faculty

On Saturday March 31st, over 300 students, alumni, staff and faculty recognized the outstanding contributions to the athletic and fitness programs at UTSC. The event was organized by the SCAA (Scarborough College Athletic Association) in partnership with the Athletics and Recreation Department.

Highlights of the night included:

-Honouring the over 40 alumni and community mentors that coach and instruct throughout the year

-Trophy presentation to the 9 Intramural Championship teams (Men’s & Women’s)

-Presenting the Major Athletic Award Winners


Major Athletic Awards 2012:


Stripes Award – Outstanding Interhouse Official

Shane Kenning


Hockey Hall of Fame

Carley McIlroy

Winston Tang


Soccer Hall of Fame

Stephen Martino


Heart Award – Contribution to team in terms of morale and team spirit.

Male: Nav Chahal

Female: Katrina Pilatos


Coaching Award

Greg Serieaux-Halls/Gary Archibald


Team Spirit Award

 Men's United Soccer

Professor Taimo Pallandi "Award of Excellence" - awarded to graduating student that best represents academic excellence, leadership, performance and fair play.

Danielle Ridout


Dickinson Award – Female and Male Athlete of the year.

Male: Harenssan Kandiah

Female: Lillian Goncalves


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