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New East Arrival Court Project

East arrival court changes, including the new bus loop in the center, with its own entrance and exit. The exit for cars dropping off is shown to the left of the bus loop, and the entrance and exit for permit parkers is to the right. A new pedestrian walkway exits the parking lot on the lot's lower right corner.

The new East Arrival Court Project

UTSC’s south campus will see significant changes, including pedestrian enhancements and bus and passenger drop-off improvements, when the East Arrival Court Project is finished this fall.

The  new east arrival court will create separate entrances for buses, cars dropping off passengers, and permit parkers, all tied together by enhanced pedestrian pathways providing better connections to the campus. Together, the changes will reduce delays and increase safety. Construction is scheduled to take place over the summer and conclude by September 1.

The current arrangement, which sees one entrance for all traffic, was designed 40 years ago for a much smaller student population. As the campus has grown the arrival court has become more congested, and delays and frustrations have increased. Further, the mix of buses, trucks, cars and pedestrians on the east side of the campus is less than ideal and has been a concern for the campus.

Under the new plan, cars dropping off and picking up passengers will continue to enter where they do now. A new bus loop adjacent to the Athletics Centre will have a separate entrance and exit. Finally, cars parking in the permit-holders lots will also have their own separate entrance and exit.

“The new enhancements are going to drastically improve our traffic flow and add to the safety of everyone concerned,” says Gary Pitcher, director of campus safety.

The redesign of the east arrival court will reduce the number of permit parking spots on the south campus and will require some changes to parking next year. Given that there will be fewer permit spaces on the south campus a new premium rate (30%) will be established for each of these spaces. This  premium rate is standard practice at other U of T campuses.

The new East Arrival Court Project will cause disruptions over the summer months on campus but upon its completion in August the south campus will provide much improved pedestrian, drop off and transit access for the campus.

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