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Spring 2012 issue of UTSC Commons now live!


What is emotional intelligence? Is there a way to stop the rising tide of world hunger? Does the concept of ‘the common good’ still have currency in today’s interconnected world?

And how the heck did chili peppers make their way into South Indian cuisine?

The Department of Communications and Public Affairs is pleased to announce the publication of the Spring 2012 issue of UTSC Commons, our vibrant new campus magazine. Inside, you will find a unique mix of compelling stories, fascinating insights and thoughtful commentary that will answer the above questions and many, many more.

On page 6, read about how the movement to end violence against women has changed over the last decade. On page 8, read about a faculty member who travels to southern Ghana to unlock the secrets of land use practices. On page 32, discover the music of Nader Mohammed Khan, a proud UTSC alumnus.

With every issue, UTSC Commons strives to tell our story through the activities and achievements of our faculty, students, staff and alumni.

Check it out in print and online, and let us know what you think.

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