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UTSC professor to appear on 60 Minutes

This week on 60 Minutes will feature an interview with Elizabeth Dhuey, assistant professor of economics at the University of Toronto Scarborough, who will discuss her research on relative age effects.

The 60 Minutes segment will cover the issue of “redshirting,” the practice of holding back children with late birthdays so they can be the oldest instead of the youngest in class. It is becoming so popular that  in the United States today nearly a quarter of the kids in some kindergarten classes are aged six instead of five.

Professor Dhuey’s research has shown that individuals who are relatively older than their classmates upon entry in school score higher on standardized tests, are more likely to attend university, are less likely to be labeled as disabled and more likely to hold leadership positions in high school. Her research was discussed in Malcolm Gladwell’s bestselling book, Outliers.

The episode will air Sunday, March 4 on CBS. To watch a preview of the segment visit,

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