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Kwan's 'Associated' exhibits in Hong Kong

Will Kwan's 'Flame Test,' 2009

Will Kwan’s art exhibition Associated is showing through February 26 at the 2P Contemporary Art Gallery in Hong Kong.

Kwan is a lecturer in the UTSC humanities department, and a well-respected artist who exhibits globally. His work casts a critical eye at the contradictions and inequities of the globalized world, and especially what he calls the "myths of a synchronized, equitable, impartial, frictionless and sanitized world economy."

According to the gallery: “Associated presents an overview of Kwan’s research into the symbols of globalization, nationalism, and geopolitical disjunction. The exhibition opens with an installation on the exterior of the gallery of five Asian flags printed with images of flag-burning protests, referencing a debate over the Muhammed cartoons published in the Jyllands-Posten and other broadsheets in 2005. The cropped news images in Flame Test (2009) confront fixed symbols of national culture as the conventional propaganda of patriotism. Viewing international politics in deterministic terms, Clocks That Do Not Tell the Time (2008) is an installation of clocks with plaques indicating the local time in the peripheral, shadowy, and heterotopic sites of the world’s economic order.”

More information is available at the gallery’s website.

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