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An open debate on international development

An upcoming student-led, multidisciplinary conference on international development is aiming to engage in constructive and meaningful dialogue on some important global issues.

The conference, titled Voices of Development, is set to take place in early February on the UTSC campus and will present an opportunity for international development professionals and researchers to connect with students and the general public.

“It’s exciting because as students you don’t always get an opportunity to engage in open dialogue about international development,” says Heather Bruce, UTSC international development student and co-chair of the event. “So we thought this would be a great forum to share ideas.”

The conference will include talks by several notable speakers as well as panel discussions on topics ranging from conflict and development, gender and development, media and development, to social entrepreneurship and corporate social responsibility.

“The panels promise to be engaging, thought provoking and maybe even a little controversial,” says UTSC student and co-chair Kieran Way. “More importantly they will be discussions on very relevant issues surrounding international development.”

The inaugural conference will also feature a workshop, reception and closing keynote address by Jean-Marc Mangin, executive director of the Canadian Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences, who was also a graduate of the first UTSC international development studies class. “We are hopefully laying the foundation for future international development conferences here on campus,” adds Bruce.

The International Development Conference takes place February 3-4 on the UTSC campus. For more details including registration information visit,

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