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Community engagement key to new role

Kimberley Tull

Kimberley Tull has joined the office of Planning, Partnerships and Strategic Affairs as the Manager of Community Development and Engagement. She will play an integral role in building upon the momentum of UTSC’s existing partnerships, and in exploring new potential collaborations both internally and beyond the campus.

Tull’s previous experience as UTSC’s Manager of Alumni Relations will serve her well as she becomes a key liaison between UTSC's academic and administrative departments, our stakeholders, and our business, economic and institutional partners.  One of her first tasks will be to build bridges across the community development and engagement divide by establishing a database of potential projects and initiatives. Tull is organizing promotional and marketing activities in the community and will soon be developing special projects that promote and encourage community building.

She will be a vital resource with respect to advancing research collaboration, creating opportunities for community service, strategic planning and establishing UTSC’s best practices  with respect to community development and engagement initiatives.

 Kimberley has been with the University of Toronto for ten years. During that time she has established award-winning alumni engagement programs. As an alumna of UTSC, she brings passion, dedication and commitment to promoting and supporting her alma mater. In addition, Tull is a co-founder of Black Pearls, an organization dedicated to providing programs and services for girls and young women from culturally diverse communities.

 “I am honoured to have the opportunity to work with so many talented people across the university and in our community,” says Tull. “Having been involved in community development from a young age, I know how important it is for institutions like UTSC to contribute to the process, whether it is through new educational and service-learning programs, or simply by taking the time to listen to someone’s story. I look forward to helping build stronger relationships between our campus and the world-at-large, and helping provide a positive space for those of all backgrounds to learn, develop, share and grow.”

 Kimberley Tull can be reached at 416-208-2797 or via email at Her office is located in the Arts and Administrative building, AA 415B.

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