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The Archive Matters: Jane Rule's Taking My Life

Jane Rule, arguably the most significant lesbian writer of the twentieth century, fiercely resisted autobiographical interpretations of her work. While working on the Jane Rule papers at the UBC Archives, scholar Linda Morra discovered the manuscript of Rule's autobiography, describing her formative years of childhood, adolescence and college in American from the 1930s to the 1950s. In this talk grounded in issues related to archives andwomen’s writing, Morra will talk about the discovery, editing, and publishing of this narrative in which Rule takes as a subject her coming of age as a lesbian and as a writer.

Linda Morra holds a PhD in Canadian literature from the University of Ottawa. She teaches at Bishop’s University and lives in Montreal. Morra is the author of the  critically acclaimed Corresponding Influence: Selected Letters of Emily Carr and Ira Dilworth. She is currently working on a monograph in which she explores Canadian women writers’ self-agency and textual integrity in relation to the publishing industry in Canada.

"The Archive Matters: Jane Rule's Taking My Life"
Thursday, January 26, 5-6 pm in the Ralph Campbell Lounge
Speaker: Linda Morra

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