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UTSC management alum wins accounting honors

Rose Fitzsimon

Former UTSC management student Rose Fitzsimon won honors in the recent Uniform Evaluation (UFE) administered by the Chartered Accountants of Canada.

Fitzsimon was the only University of Toronto graduate to win honors this year. Of the total 2,900 applicants who passed the UFE nationwide in 2011, only 52 were named to the honor roll, 18 of them from Ontario. The results were announced earlier this month.

“I was really surprised,” Fitzsimon says. “All I could think when I heard was that I was relieved, because it meant I had passed.”

To become a Chartered Accountant, applicants must complete a university degree with specific course credits, undergo specialized training, and then pass the UFE. Once they have passed they must complete additional work experience requirements.

Fitzsimon was a co-op management student at UTSC, and had her placement at Deloitte & Touche in Toronto, where she works now.

“Rose was an exceptionally talented student, and was well-respected by her peers and by the Management faculty.  We are extremely pleased she is on the 2011 ICAO UFE Honour Role, as a UTSC alumni,” says Department of Management Senior Lecturer and Associate Chair, Teaching Sandra Daga.

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