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DSL International Cafe - Europe and Oceania

The Department of Student Life (DSL) International Café is a student ran cultural event that builds links between the international community on campus and the rest of the Canadian UTSC community. The main aim of the Café is to spread awareness about diversity, educate others of the many different cultures on campus, and promote cross-cultural understanding.

This is an opportunity for students to showcase their cultural backgrounds and share their experiences abroad. This is a great chance for students ( both international and domestic) to meet their peers from different countries and learn about their cultural traditions and customs.

This month we will be looking into the culture of Europe and Oceania. Come join us on Monday November 21 in HW-305 from 1pm-3pm. Food will be served, cultural music played and everyone will have the chance to enjoy cultural performances and games.  Sign up on the intranet right away!!!

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