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Toward 2030 Town Hall

Over a two year period, from 2007-09, under the leadership of President David Naylor, the University of Toronto community engaged in an intense and highly productive planning exercise. This process resulted in Towards 2030: Planning for a Third Century of Excellence at the University of Toronto.  Three years on, much has happened, both at the University of Toronto and in the world.  It is time to see what progress we have made with respect to the directions set for us in Towards 2030 and what new challenges and opportunities lie before us.


Cheryl Misak, Vice-President and Provost, is currently engaging the community in discussion on how well we are following through on Towards 2030.  Town Halls are planned on each of the three campuses.


At UTSC the Town Hall will be November 14 from 2-4 pm in AA160. More.



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