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October is Mental Health Awareness Month!


Mental Health is the ability to enjoy your life, regulate your emotions, maintain healthy relationships and acknowledge your strengths and successes. It affects your physical, emotional, spiritual and social functioning. Over the month of October, join us as we explore important issues related to mental health with weekly themes.   

Protect your Mental Health (Oct 3-7)

This week focuses on ways to care for yourself. Learn about coping mechanisms to manage stress, the importance of nutrition, exercise, sleep and maintaining a positive self-esteem.

Understanding Mental Health (Oct 10-14)

Mental health can be achieved even if someone is suffering with a mental illness. However, many people who are dealing with a mental illness won’t seek help due to the stigma associated with it. This week focuses on de-stigmatizing issues related to mental illness and how to achieve mental health.

Are You At Risk? (Oct 17-21)

There are many supports and services on and off campus for students to use if they feel they need help. This week will focus on how to access those supports and services. 

Green Dot (Oct 24-28)

Power-based violence affects our mental health. As a community, we can look out for each other to maintain a safe campus. This week, learn how you can be a Green Dot. 

To learn more of the events, workshops and displays for Mental Health Awareness Month at UTSC, visit us on the Intranet, Facebook and Twitter. 

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