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High school science awards announced

Last year’s winners spend time in the lab with Professor Andre Simpson

Six students will be awarded the Outstanding High School Student Science Award during a ceremony at Rex’s Den on October 6, and will spend the day shadowing graduate students in laboratories and attending a physics lecture.

The awards are granted to high school students who are interested in science, and are awarded based on an essay the students write about their aspirations for a science career, along with recommendations from their schools.

The award is intended to expose the best high school students to a research and development environment at the earliest opportunity with the goal to instill excitement and enthusiasm for research.

This year’s winners are Mallika Trivedi, Jad Abi Rafeh, Matthew Celestial, Vyshnaveei Piruthiviraj, Ann Fernando and Onsia Ansari.

The awards committee will include Malcolm Campbell, UTSC vice-principal, research; Henry Stronks, president of Bruker Canada; Donna Sinclair, senior account manager at Pall Life Sciences; and William Gough, chair of the UTSC department of physical and environmental sciences.


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