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Get ready for ARTSIDEOUT


The big pink cube is out in front of the campus, so it must be time for ARTSIDEOUT, UTSC’s annual multidisciplinary arts festival. On October 6, 2,000 people are expected on campus to see 60 different arts projects, including sculptures, painting, musical performance, dance, poetry and drama.

“Really, we’re just trying to keep going an annual tradition,” says Michael Miljanovic, artistic director for the event this year. “We’re trying to make sure that every UTSC student has the ability to show their talents. We want the community to come out so we can show the things UTSC is capable of doing.”

Inspired by Toronto’s Nuit Blanche, ARTSIDEOUT transforms the spaces around campus, turning them into showplaces for different performances and works of art. It’s primarily an outdoor festival, although interior spaces are also used. In case of rain, the event can be moved indoors.

Among the many performances and exhibits this year will be four live rock bands, a percussion ensemble performance and 10 smaller performances including vocals, piano, classical guitar and spoken word. Members of UTSC’s anime club will form a flash mob. And audience members will be able to participate in creating a Jackson Pollock-style painting that will continue to transform throughout the event.

Miljanovic, a fourth-year student and percussionist (he’ll be performing with the UTSC Alumni & Community Concert Band), says that 90 volunteers will begin putting up the art pieces and stages the day before the event, with the goal of transforming the campus over night.

On the same day, UTSC will host the Professional and Graduate Schools Fair, and it will also have a polling place for the provincial elections that will take place that day. Both events might bring in extra spectators, Miljanovic says.

Check out the photos from last year’s amazing event: 

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