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New faces


Please welcome the following new staff members who have joined the UTSC community since late August 2011:


  • Scott Ballantyne, First- Year Chemistry Laboratory Manager, Department of Physical & Environmental Sciences
  • Adam Brown, Theatre and Studio Technician, Department of Humanities
  • Ryan Fernandes, CAD & Mechanical Engineering Assistant, Design and Construction Management
  • Elissa Golden, Disability Consultant, Accessability Services
  • Kimberly Ann Hannon-Kovacsi, Veterinary Technologist, Animal Facilities
  • Monica Kronfli, International Development Studies Program Coordinator, Arts & Science Co-op Programs
  • Paul Litherland, Lecturer, Department of Humanities
  • Ryan Lourenco, Building Patrol, Community Police
  • Blake Markle, Multmedia & Classroom Technology Coordinator, Audio Visual
  • Tian Ze Sun, Computer Science Teaching Facility System Administrator/Programmer, Departmentof Computer & Mathematical Sciences
  • GiovannaThron, Lecturer, Departmentof Computer & Mathematical Sciences
  • Brian Wilson, Lecturer, Department of Physical & Environmental Sciences

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