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Music Performance Ensemble Auditions


Students, staff, faculty and members of the neighbouring community are invited to audition for the Music Performance Ensembles at UTSC. These include the Concert Band, the Jazz Band, the String Ensemble, the Concert Choir and the Jazz Choir (Vocomotive).

The auditions for these ensembles begin September 6. There are sign up sheets located on the instructor’s offices located on the third floor of the Arts and Administration building. 

Auditions for Concert Choir and Concert Band begin on Tuesday, September 6. The String ensemble and Jazz ensembles will have their auditions Monday and Tuesday, September 12 and 13 respectively.

FAQ Auditions

Candidates will be asked to perform a couple of scales. They will be asked to perform something they are familiar with - an exerpt from something they like and are familiar with. They will be asked to sight read a short musical passage.

Rehearsals begin September 8 for Concert Band and the week of September 12th for all other ensembles.

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