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Attention UTSC Students: Here's an opportunity to speak up on your university experience

This month more than 40,000 undergraduate students will be asked to participate in one of two very important surveys: the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) and The Globe and Mail’s University Report Card.

This is the fourth time UTSC has participated in NSSE – a survey now used by all Ontario universities to measure the quality of undergraduate education. The results of this survey are used to identify the strengths of a UTSC education as well as identify shortcomings and establish priorities for enhancing the undergraduate student experience. Students in first and fourth year programs will receive an email from U of T President David Naylor asking them to participate in the survey.

The University is also participating in the Globe and Mail’s University Report Card. Results from this survey are published in the Globe and Mail and are provided to the UTSC administration to help identify priorities for change.

If you receive an invitation to participate in either of these surveys, please respond promptly and honestly. Your opinions matter.


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Make Your Voice Heard! U of T is Listening!

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