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Don’t miss the experience of a lifetime studying and travelling abroad

Ever wondered what it would be like to sit on the steps of the Sydney Opera House on a weekend? Wander through the busy streets of Tokyo, or take a stroll down the Champs-Elysees after class? There are endless possibilities for adventure when you travel but the International Student Centre (ISC) can help you get the best out of your academic experience through studying abroad. By combining travel and academia students can have the opportunity to earn credits towards a U of T degree while studying abroad.

The Student Exchange Program (SEP) offers U of T students the opportunity to select from over 150 partner universities worldwide in over 50 countries and complete courses at another institution while earning credits towards your degree. You will remain a registered U of T student while you are abroad, while paying your regular U of T fees and remaining eligible for scholarships, bursaries and loans. Host institution deadlines may vary and the deadline application is February 28, 2011. A comprehensive list of deadlines is available here

A more tailored method of studying abroad is the Summer Abroad Program, which consists of specially designed courses that provides students with smaller class sizes and the ability to travel, experience and learn about the culture of the host country. This summer program runs for 4 to 6 weeks from May to August and is taught by U of T professors. The courses are taught in English with the exception of language courses. Students will receive a full-year credit (1.0 FCE) after completing the program and the grades appear on transcripts as U of T credits and are used to calculate students’ CGPAs. Most deadlines fall on March 1, however the Jordan (Madaba) program application deadline is February 1.

Study Elsewhere allows students to design their own full-time study abroad opportunities at an accredited university (typically outside of Canada) for one academic year. Students considering this option should apply only if they want to attend a university that U of T does not already have a partnership with. Application deadlines for this option are in accordance with the selected institution and students have to apply directly to the institution and are subject to international fees.

Students wishing to take only one or two courses at another university should consider the Letter of Permission option instead. UTSC students, who choose to study temporarily at another university similar in setting to U of T, must receive permission in the form of a Letter of Permission to have the credits transferred to their degrees prior to taking the courses.

Students looking to stay in Canada and improve their French speaking skills may also consider the Explore Program (administered by the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada). Explore is an intensive five-week French language bursary program which takes place during the spring and summer sessions at institutions across Canada, specifically in Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Explore can be worth a 1.0 full course equivalent in Conversational French at the beginner, medium or advanced level if taken at an institute which offers credits at the university level. Applications can be found online and must be received by the program coordinator of your home province by February 28, 2011 (postmarked).

Though the process of applying and going abroad can appear overwhelming, a quick trip to the ISC to meet with a Study Abroad Ambassador can make applications much easier. Study Abroad Ambassadors are current UTSC students who have participated in one or more international study/volunteer/travel opportunities and can assist students in applying, researching or preparing for departure. Ambassadors can also answer questions and provide insight from personal experiences about going abroad or participating in CIE programs. Study Abroad Ambassadors can provide tips on what can be expected when going abroad, the procedure involved in planning for the trip, costs related to the trip, safety concerns and any other questions that prospective travelers may have. Weekly office hours with the Ambassadors allow students the chance to explore their options with like-minded students who are also passionate about travel! Make an appointment or visit during drop in hours if you have any questions concerning an academic program or general information on travelling abroad. 

Come in to the ISC office during regular office hours to learn more about international opportunities and events held by the ISC. For more information about the ISC and international opportunities, click here.




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