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Professor McDonald named Interim University Ombudsperson

University of Toronto Scarborough classical studies Professor Ian McDonald has been appointed Interim University Ombudsperson by the Governing Council. Professor McDonald, who has taught at U of T Scarborough since 1968, began his new role on November 2nd and will continue until a new Ombudsperson is appointed and has taken office.

 “I’m not giving up anything that I’m doing here at U of T Scarborough. I’ll be at the Ombudsperson’s office part of the time. I’ll still be around this campus and will still be teaching,” Professor McDonald said.

 He has been an active member of the University for many years, having recently completed nine years of distinguished service on the Governing Council. Professor McDonald was also Associate Dean and Director of Governance at U of T Scarborough for seven years, ending in 2004. In that role, he was responsible for his division’s academic petition and appeals processes, as well as its discipline procedures, a position that has prepared him well for the Ombudsperson office.

 “The University does a great job of responding to needs and respecting everybody’s rights. It has been pretty successful at forestalling serious conflict and resolving issues to the satisfaction of both sides. I hope to continue this strong record and to the ongoing assessment and monitoring of university policies to ensure that the rights of the person are always protected,” he added.

Since 1975, the Office of the Ombudsperson has been offering confidential advice and assistance with complaints to U of T students, faculty and staff. 

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